LOONA’s Chuu may lose her name? Chuu’s agency reportedly registered a trademark on her stage name 

Amid the conflict between Chuu and her agency over her exclusive contract, fans learn that Blockberry Creative has applied for a trademark claim over Chuu’s name. 

LOONA’s Chuu

On February 4, LOONA’s agency Block Berry Creative registered trademark rights for names such as “LOONA” and “LOONA’s Chuu” with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

LOONA’s Chuu

Similar cases happened at other entertainment agencies. In 2018, T-ara submitted documentation to the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service to inform the injustice and reject MBK Entertainment’s trademark application for their group name “T-ara” around the time their contract with MBK was terminated. 

In 2016, BEAST officially rebranded to HIGHLIGHT when their contract with former agency Cube Entertainment expired. This is because Cube owns the trademark over the name “BEAST” and did not grant the members trademark rights after they left the company.

LOONA’s Chuu

After finding out what Blockberry Creative did, LOONA fans left comments such as, “Why did you only register Chuu’s name?” and “So this means Chuu won’t be able to use her stage name if she leaves the company?”

Meanwhile, according to an exclusive interview reported by Wiki Tree on March 29, the court recently cited Chuu‘s application for an injunction to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract filed against Block Berry Creative in December last year. Currently, Blockberry Creative has not yet revealed its exact position on this matter. 

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