Obscenity shouldn’t cross the line…Hwasa’s exposure controversies

Mamamoo Hwasa’s “19+ performance my way” is still going on. This time, she even presented a “bra exposure” performance.

Hwasa recently presented a remarkable performance to fans at the Nashville concert. Wearing a black sleeveless crop top and skinny jeans, Hwasa drew attention by slightly lifting her top and revealing her bra while doing dance movements. It was a short moment, and fans cheered enthusiastically. Many fans filmed this scene then rapidly spread videos through SNS.


Earlier, Hwasa stirred controversy with a provocative performance at a university festival on May 12th. At that time, the female idol licked her hand and touched a specific area.

Hwasa’s “performance my way” has been a lot longer than we thought. Representatively, her red bodysuit look and black lingerie look, which were presented on Mnet’s MAMA and SBS’ “Gayo Daejeon” in 2018, received mixed reactions.

In 2019, Hwasa made headlines as she appeared at the airport without wearing a bra.


Afterwards, Hwasa was also aware of this problem and expressed her feelings several times.

I just acted naturally and comfortably. I’ve never done it for any purpose. Some people might feel uncomfortable with how I do it so freely, but many other people still liked it. Thank you for giving both opinions.” (Mamamoo’s 2nd full album showcase)


I just thought it was better to not wear anything instead of revealing it vaguely. I thought about how to pull it off well and wear it on the stage to make myself cooler.” (MBC’s “Radio Star”)

Source: Nate

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