Korean Media on BLACKPINK Jennie’s YG Contract Renewal: “We Don’t Know, but…”

This Jennie article’s headline is creating a buzz

BLACKPINK Jennie has been making waves with her latest solo track, “You & Me,” and fans can’t get enough. Amidst her soaring success on the charts, speculation about her future with YG Entertainment remains a hot topic.

Jennie’s “You & Me” has been a hit, even though it was released as a gift to fans. The song has managed to dominate domestic music charts. As of October 13th, it’s holding strong at #1 on Bugs, #3 on MelOn, #3 on VIBE, and #4 on Genie. These are remarkable rankings for a song with no promotions.

“You & Me” has also climbed to the 27th position on Apple Music’s Global Top Songs chart. In doing so, Jennie has surpassed BTS’s Jungkook to become the highest-peaking K-pop soloist in 2023 on Apple Music. What’s impressive is that she achieved this feat with a song that’s been around for over a year.

However, while “You & Me” continues to make waves, fans are eager for more. They’re eagerly awaiting Jennie’s solo album, and this demand has sparked discussions about her contract with YG. Currently, there’s no official update on whether BLACKPINK will renew their contracts with the company.

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A recent headline by Korean media outlet Star1 cleverly played on the curiosity surrounding Jennie’s contract status. The headline reads: “We don’t know if Jennie’s contract with YG will be renewed or not, but Jennie is pretty.” 

Beyond her talents, Jennie’s visuals have been a frequent trending topic on Korean online communities and social media platforms. Whether it’s her magazine covers, brand endorsements, or stage appearances, Jennie’s beauty and aura consistently captivate netizens. 

Jennie’s transformation into a ballerina under the moon in “You & Me” MV even revived the balletcore trend, and her recent jazz version of the song showcased a classic and elegant look, making fans fall in love with her all over again.

Source: K14

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