Park Ha Sun returns with a historical drama after 13 years

Actress Park Ha Sun will return with a historical drama after 13 years.

On Sep 6th, Park Ha Sun confirmed her appearance in the 6th work “Why Did the Madam Give Meat to Male Servant” (directed by Ham Young Geol, written by Wi Jae Hwa) of KBS 2TV’s “Drama Special 2023”. This is her first historical drama 13 years after “Dong Yi”.

“Why Did the Madam Give Meat to Male Servant” is a comic romance that begins when a scholar in a village in Joseon encounters the secret love affair between his wife and a male servant.

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha Sun will show her elegant yet cute charm by playing Choi Seol Ae, a woman whose beauty and elegance cannot be hidden. Attention is focused on her performance as she will portray a simple and frugal character as the wife of a man who is representative of “integrity” in the village. In particular, expectations are already soaring for Park Ha Sun’s hanbok figure.

Park Ha Sun is loved by the public as a multi-talented entertainer in various fields including movie, drama, entertainment show and radio DJ. Recently, she heralded her appearance in the play “Our Little Sister”. She plans to show a wider acting spectrum and various charms regardless of stage or medium.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV Drama Special 2023’s “Why Did the Madam Give Meat to Male Servant” starring Park Ha Sun will air in October.

Source: Daum

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