BTS Jin’s Busan concert rehearsal still cuts revealed “Shiny looks + unique aura”

BTS Jin captured viewers’ hearts with his shiny looks and unique aura

Coupang Play’s Twitter official account recently released concert rehearsal still cuts of the seven BTS members.

On October 15th last year, BTS held the “BTS in BUSAN” concert at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium to promote Busan’s bid for World Expo 2030.

bts jin busan concert

“Male god of beauty” Jin impressed fans with his charmingly curly long hair reminiscent of the Little Prince. He wore a black round-neck T-shirt, held a lime green microphone and captivated fans with his fantastical beauty.

Jin’s graceful small face, radiant skin, horizontally long eye shape, large sparkling eyes, clear and bright pupils, ideally high nose bridge and thick gaze overwhelmed viewers.

Jin, famous not only for his radiant beauty but also for his excellent physique, including his broad shoulders as well as slim and perfect physical features, made fans’ hearts flutter.

bts jin

At the Busan concert, Jin captivated fans worldwide with elegant performances and a dreamlike live show. Despite a very sore throat, Jin showcased rich vocals, beautiful falsetto and a refreshing high pitch, reaffirming his position as the “Live King”. Until Jin spoke about his throat condition, fans could not even notice it due to perfect live performances.

Fans commented, “Jin is so handsome“, “His aura is really cool“, “Even though his throat hurts, the live performances were so perfect that no one could notice. He’s a born singer“, “Vocal king, visual king, Kim Seok-jin“, “I miss Seok-jin so much. When he finishes military service, it would be great if he could do fan meetings, concerts, acting, variety shows and advertisements“…

Source: Nate

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