Korean Companies Conduct Thorough Background Checks on Trainees’ School and Family History

School violence in Korea draws public attention, causing damage to entertainment companies

School violence has become a major issue in South Korea in recent years, with numerous idols and actors being embroiled in scandals related to physical or emotional abuse. This has led to some celebrities temporarily suspending their activities, while others have had to make the difficult decision to end their careers. The impact of these scandals on entertainment companies has been significant, particularly when the controversy involves an active member of a popular music group.


In response to these risks, companies are now taking extensive measures to ensure they do not represent celebrities with a history of school violence. They are conducting thorough investigations into the academic records and school lives of artists, using materials provided by the schools themselves. Some companies are even going so far as to speak with former teachers of trainees to gain a better understanding of their backgrounds. Once they have verified that there are no issues, they then proceed to sign contracts with the artists.


In addition to academic records, companies are also paying attention to family backgrounds and debt issues that could potentially hinder an artist’s career. They provide guidance and advice to parents on how to be cautious and avoid such issues. Background checks are now becoming increasingly common in the Korean entertainment industry, with some production teams even requiring participants to present academic records dating back 12 years.

Overall, the impact of school violence scandals has prompted companies to take a more proactive approach to safeguarding their reputations and ensuring they do not represent celebrities with a history of abusive behavior.

Source: billborad

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