Lee Hyori about her husband, “The erotic feeling has faded away”

The “TWIT” stage of Lee Hyori and her husband on TV program “Dancing Queens on the Road” has greatly excited viewers.

On the July 6th episode of tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road”, Lee Hyori reinterpreted HWASA’s “TWIT” and delivered an outstanding performance with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

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It is known that the day before the stage, Lee Sang Soon couldn’t make it due to bad weather, so another electric guitarist took his place. At the time, Lee Hyori also decided to learn to dance in heels again. She expressed her embarrassment, saying, “I think I won’t look sexy doing this after a long time.”

On the day of the performance, however, Lee Hyori revealed that fortunately, Lee Sang Soon managed to board a ship after his flight was canceled due to a storm. Regarding this, the female star confessed, “I thought I was going to cry when I saw my husband taking a photo on the ship and smiled brightly.” Then, when Lee Sang Soon arrived, Lee Hyori hugged him and shed tears of joy.

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Afterwards, Lee Hyori made a seductive gaze and said, “You’ve worked hard, be prepared today,” to which Lee Sang Soon smilingly responded, “I’m looking forward to today, that’s why I came”.

Lee Hyori then appeared on stage in a bold costume. The audience exploded with reactions from Lee Sang Soon’s guitar performance, while Lee Hyori filled the stage with her unique sexiness and fatal gaze, mesmerizing the audience. The chemistry of the real couple was so captivating, that everyone was left speechless and even stood up.

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After the performance, Lee Hyori said, “I chose the song with my heart. Although we’ve been married for 10 years and have a good relationship like friends and family, the erotic feeling has faded away.”

The female idol also expressed her feelings, saying, “My husband playing the guitar is sexy. I was really excited to see him play the guitar on stage.”

Source: Naver 

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