Korean actresses’ portrayal of blind characters: Han Ji Min outdid Song Hye Kyo? 

Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, Han Hyo Joo, and more, are actresses who left an impression with their roles as blind women. 

Playing blind characters is definitely not an easy task that every actor can pull off. Among Korean actresses who challenged themselves in this difficult role, Han Ji Min and Song Hye Kyo stand out. Which actress do you think delivered a more believable portrayal of a blind character?

Han Ji Min

Blue Dragon’s “Best Actress” winner Han Ji Min drew much praise with her touching performance in the 2017 short film “Two Lights: Relúmĭno”, in which she starred as a blind woman alongside Park Hyung Sik. Han Ji Min’s acting, especially in emotionally challenging scenes, moved the audience to tears with how it evoked genuine feelings. 


To realistically play a blind character, Han Ji Min took a class where she met actual blind people and carefully observe their every gesture and gaze. Han Ji Min’s acting with her eyes are what makes her portrayal the most convincing. 


Although 5 years have passed and Han Ji Min has taken on plenty of new impressive roles, her transformation into a blind woman in “Two Lights: Relúmĭno” remains one of her most unforgettable acting performances. 

Song Hye Kyo

song hye kyo

In 2013, Asian audiences were all moved by the tearful love story of “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, starring Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung. In particular, the character of a blind woman with a warm heart, Oh Young, played by Song Hye Kyo, has left an impression in the hearts of many generations of viewers.

Song Hye Kyo, like Han Ji Min, thoroughly observed and studied the characteristics of blind people in real life. According to the actress, doing so helped her comprehend their way of life, making it simpler for her to portray the role.


However, Song Hye Kyo’s acting in “That Winter, the Wind Blows” received mixed reactions from the viewers. Many people commented that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance with well-prepared makeup, hairstyle and outfits was the only thing that stood out.


In short, Song Hye Kyo’s acting revealed through this drama was only good and not too impressive. Compared to the performances of other fellow actresses, such as Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min, who also played blind characters, Song Hye Kyo was somewhat overshadowed.

Apart from Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min, many other Korean actresses have successfully portrayed blind characters, for example, Han Hyo Joo (“Only You”), Choi Ji Woo (“Stairway To Heaven”), Kim Ha Neul (“Blind”), etc.

Kim Ha Neul in “Blind”
Choi Ji Woo in “Stairway To Heaven”
Han Hyo Joo paired up with So Ji Sub in “Only You”

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