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Kim Jong-kook, “I don’t look at the navigation system, I just memorize the map”

Singer Kim Jong-kook and actor Sung Hoon revealed their unusual habits.

Actor Sung Hoon appeared as a guest on the new broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”, which aired on the evening of May 18th.

Unlike his handsome appearance, Sung Hoon is called “silly guy” because of his random habits. The actor said, “I didn’t know anything about OTP cards”, adding, “I’m using an OTP card but I only got to know about it after the bank employee installed the app for me. Before that, I did everything through phone calls.”

Regarding the reason why he did not use mobile apps, Sung Hoon explained, “At some point, apps became too complicated to me”, adding, “My staff installed the apps and solved everything”. Upon hearing this, “Problem Child in House” member Kim Jong-kook confessed, “I don’t know what early morning delivery is”.

Kim Jong-kook, who doesn’t do online shopping, shocked everyone when he said, “I often went abroad to buy clothes, but couldn’t do so because of Covid-19. That’s why I’m still wearing clothes from three years ago”, adding, “I only get food delivered and often remember the map instead of using navigation.”

He continued to explain his unique habits, saying, “When I receive the address of a promised place, I will check on the mobile phone map then memorize the route”, adding, “Going out while looking at the navigation system really bothers me. I just hate tracking location.”

Other cast members of “Problem Child in House” disagreed with Kim Jong-kook, saying, “You went too far. Maps are not even produced these days”. 

Source: wikitree

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