Kim Jae Joong successfully signed with “The Glory” actress Oh Ji Yul 

The newly established agency of Kim Jae Joong signs an exclusive contract with Oh Ji Yul, the child actress from “The Glory”.

On July 13th, Kim Jae Joong’s newly-established agency, iNKODE, announced, “We have signed an exclusive contract with actress Oh Ji Yul.”

Oh Ji Yul made her debut in the 2021 film “Space Sweepers”. Despite her young age, the child actress has been leaving a strong impression with each project she appeared in, including dramas like “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, “The Glory”, and ” Agency”.

Oh Ji-yul

In particular, Oh Ji Yul gained international attention with her role in “The Glory”, which achieved high rankings in Asian countries, including Korea, at the end of last year and in March of this year. The series also topped the worldwide rankings in the TV show category on Netflix, solidifying the actress’ presence on a global scale.

In “The Glory”, Oh Ji Yul played the role of Ha Ye Sol, the daughter of villain Park Yeon Jin (played by actress Lim Ji Yeon). Through her adorable appearance and impressive acting skills, she managed to captivate the heart of audiences.

Oh Ji-yul

iNKODE, which signed an exclusive contract with Oh Ji Yul, stated, “Oh Ji Yul is an actress with unlimited potential for the future”, adding, “We will provide full support to help her expand her activities in various ways.”

iNKODE, which will serve as the new agency for actress Oh Ji Yul, was established by singer and actor Kim Jae Joong after leaving C-JeS Entertainment. The agency garnered a lot of attention as it was co-founded by Noh Hyun Tae, former vice president of Cube Entertainment.

kim jae joong

In celebration of the agency’s establishment, fellow celebrities as well as various broadcasting companies and agencies sent congratulatory flower wreaths. In particular, SM Entertainment, the former agency of Kim Jae Joong, also gained attention for showing support and well-wishes for iNKODE’s future, despite former conflicts with the idol-acter. 

Source: Wikitree

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