“I did wander a lot,” Heize mentioned her ex-lover Crucial Star

Singer Heize (real name Jang Da-hye) is drawing attention after mentioning her ex-lover Crucial Star.

On June 30th, a video titled “Heize…Finally, she talked about ‘the guy’ | Heize_Undo | Look Me Up” was posted on the Youtube channel “1theK Original”.

In the video, Heize searched her name on online communities and portal sites and talked about various things. She also read her profile on Namu Wiki and revealed behind-the-scenes stories related to her albums.


In particular, sharing about “After I’ve Wandered A Bit” released in 2014, Heize said, “It’s a memory. I was like the title of that song. I came up with the title very carefully. I did wander a lot. It’s a very grateful album,” she said, drawing laughter.


“After I’ve Wandered A Bit” is a song Heize worked on with her ex-boyfriend Crucial Star in the past. The two broke up after dating for nearly two years.


After reading a netizen’s comment saying, “I think both Crucial Star and Heize will think of each other a lot while listening to this song,” Heize said, “I don’t listen to it. It’s such an old song. Will he listen to this song? But because we are talking about it…It’s a memory. A memory.”


Netizens who watched the video showed various reactions, such as “It’s an old memory,” “Heize’s honesty is attractive,” and “Heize’s songs are all masterpieces.” 

Heize recently released her second full-length album “Undo” on June 30th.

Source: Wikitree

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