Kim Heechul kisses this man’s cheek, who was embroiled in dating rumors with him in the past

Kim Hee-chul expressed his strong affection for Epik High’s Mithra Jin.

On December 10th, Kim Hee-chul posted a photo on his Instagram story along with hashtags “#Mithra” and “#StreetAlcoholFighter”.

Kim Heechul kisses Mithra Jin

In the picture, Kim Hee-chul is standing behind Mithra Jin, putting arms on his shoulder and kissing his cheek. Mithra Jin responded humorously by making a comical expression as well as a thumbs up pose.

Kim Hee-chul and Mithra Jin are best friends in the entertainment industry. Their friendship is so deep that they were caught up in dating rumors in the past. In February, the two appeared together on KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House” and talked about dating rumors.

Kim Hee-chul

At that time, Mithra Jin explained, “Maybe it’s because we often meet in quiet places at night…”

Kim Hee-chul shared, “Ever since I debuted, it’s been hard to find 1983-ers. After I met Mithra on a program, we became close friends. I was pretty back then while Mithra had a mustache and was quite wild looking.”

Kim Hee-chul Kwon Da-hyun Mithra Jin

He continued to recall, “This is actually the first time I met Mithra since he got married. He was always there for me. We always drank soju together while talking about our interests. When he got married, my heart broke. I went to the barbecue restaurant the same day and got drunk because I was so sad.”

Meanwhile, Mithra Jin married actress Kwon Da-hyun in 2015, and they welcomed their first child last June.

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