Kim Hieora to Enter Hollywood after Ending School Violence Controversy?

Actress Kim Hieora, who has resolved her school violence scandal, is positively considering entering Hollywood.

According to media outlet OSEN on April 16, there is a possibility that Kim Hieora will enter Hollywood. In the past, she received global attention due to the popularity of “The Glory” and received many offers, but her activities were unfortunately halted due to her bullying controversy. 

However, Kim Hieora’s agency recently released a statement claiming that they have reached an understanding with involved parties, putting an end to this bullying scandal. As a result, it is expected that the door to U.S. ventures will reopen, and the actress herself is highly motivated, said OSEN.

Responding to such claims, Kim Hieora’s side stated to OSEN, “It would be great to have a good opportunity for overseas ventures, but for now, we are cautious and taking some time to seize the opportunity.”

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Previously, Kim Hieora played the role of Lee Sara in the Netflix original series “The Glory”. At that time, “The Glory” achieved unprecedented success, receiving favorable responses not only in Asia but also internationally. Through this work, the interest and favorability of overseas stakeholders towards Kim Hieora significantly increased.

Kim Hieora, who put an end to the bullying controversy after seven months, is now garnering attention as to whether she will return to the Korean entertainment industry within this year.

On the other hand, back in September last year, allegations emerged that Kim Hieora was a member of a middle school gang. Additionally, informants claimed that Kim Hieora made them run errands or took their money, while at the same time, former classmates defending Kim Hieora also appeared. 

There were even claims that the person who exposed Kim Hieora’s bullying was the perpetrator of bullying themselves.

Nevertheless, despite her agency’s claim to take legal actions to uncover the truth of the incident, Kim Hieora canceled some of her schedules for self-reflection. 

Source: Naver

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