BTS Jungkook deleted all Instagram posts… What’s going on?

All Instagram posts of BTS Jungkook have been deleted.

All the pictures on Jungkook’s Instagram were deleted on the morning of the 31st. His account, which reported his recent status through several photos and videos, currently only contains the phrase ‘no posts yet’.

BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts last December, eight years after their debut. Jungkook revealed his daily life through Instagram, including several selfies and videos. In addition, he also actively interacts with fans, from his realistic appearance when he was too immersed in a movie, to giving a message to reassure fans when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 disease and taking the time to answer fans’ questions.

Accordingly, Jungkook’s sudden deletion of his Instagram feed has raised many questions and concerns from fans. Fans have shown reactions that they miss his Instagram posts.

Fans are speculating on whether Jungkook deleted all of his posts to refresh his feed or if something else is going on. Meanwhile, some others worry that the account has been hacked.

Meanwhile, BTS will release a new album ‘Proof’ in June.

Source: Daum

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