Apologize to assault victims? Kim Hieora “No change in position, continuing legal action”

Actress Kim Hieora is sticking to her plan for legal action amid ongoing disclosures related to her involvement in school violence

Dispatch reported on Sep 13th that Kim Hieora apologized 7 times to 3 assault victims.

According to the report, Kim Hieora initially offered an apology over the phone to these three individuals starting in May, and later personally met two of them to apologize. One person refused to meet. It was reported that she issued a second apology to the two individuals she previously met in early September.

kim hieora

Previously, there were ongoing counterarguments to Kim Hieora’s claim that she did not engage in school violence in the past.

Regarding the continued disclosures and related matters, Kim Hieora’s agency told Spotv News, “There’s no additional position. Our stance on continuing strong legal action remains unchanged.

Source: Naver

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