After Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory”, Park Yeon Jin to work with Kim Tae Hee in new K-drama 

The broadcast schedule for Lim Ji Yeon’s next project, “A A House With A Yard”, where she will co-star with Kim Tae Hee, has been confirmed. 

According to Star News on March 28th, “A House With A Yard” has confirmed its broadcast on Channel ENA in June, and is currently discussing detailed schedules.


Based on an original novel of the same name, “A House With A Yard” is a work featuring actresses Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon. The drama depicts the story of two women who live a happy life in a perfect house that others envy, but struggle to escape from their unhappy lives.

In “A House With A Yard”, Kim Tae Hee will assume the role of Ju Ran, who lives a perfect life but begins to suspect her husband when she smells a corpse in her new house. Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon will play Sang Eun, who appears in front of Ju Ran and causes confusion.

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It is known that Lim Ji Yeon will also appear in the SBS drama “National Death Penalty Vote” in August, following “The Glory” and “A House With A Yard.”

“National Death Penalty Vote” tells the story of criminals who skillfully escaped the blind spots of the law, who received public executing sentences according to the results of a vote. The series will feature Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Woong, and Park Hae Jin as major cast members. 


In “National Death Penalty Vote”, Lim Ji Yeon will transform into Joo Hyun, a 5th-year lieutenant at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Safety Division. Meanwhile, Park Sung Woong will play Kwon Seok Joo, a criminal and former legal scholar serving a long-term sentence in prison for killing his 8-year-old daughter. Finally, Park Hae Jin will assume the role of Kim Moo Chan, the team leader of the Nambu Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team.

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