Kim Hieora Reflects on Her Past Dramas (Extraordinary Attorney Woo, The Glory, and More) 

Kim Hieora shared her thoughts on her past works and upcoming projects.

On July 26th, Esquire magazine released a video through their YouTube channel featuring actress Kim Hieora. 

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Having showcased various hairstyles, is there a new style that Kim Hieora wants to try? She mentioned, “I’ve done so much recently that I’ve tried almost every style. I think I’d look good with short, clean-cut hair like Matilda.

When asked about which role she would like to try between “the supporting female lead deeply in unrequited love” and “the spy who is mistaken for a villain but ends up helping the hero,” she chose the latter. She said, “I like playing the hero. I don’t want to do unrequited love.

Mentioning her role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Kim Hieora said, “Many of the lead characters probably received scripts for their own scenes only, so I only received scripts for Part 6. Since I didn’t see the entire script from Part 1, I had no understanding of the character Woo Young Woo,” revealing some behind-the-scenes details.

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She continued, “That’s why everyone kept talking to me about whale stories, and I couldn’t understand why they were talking about whales. I even thought, ‘Is this drama any good? It seems a bit strange.’ But later, when I watched from Part 1, I was moved to tears. It was such a great drama.” 

She also talked about this year’s popular drama, “The Glory.” When asked to choose between the male version of Lee Sara and the female version of Son Myung Oh, Kim Hieora chose the latter. She explained, “Son Myung Oh goes around to many places, lying for his own greed. I think it would be difficult for me to handle that.

Regarding her character Lee Sara, Kim Hieora said, “I feel a great sense of responsibility as it’s a very grateful opportunity, and I should show an even better side of myself in the future.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora will soon be appearing in tvN’s “The Uncanny Counter 2”. 

Source: Nate

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