Kim Do Hoon eventually deleted the post criticizing “Dancing Queens on the Road” Lee Hyori

Film critic Kim Do Hoon left bitter criticism towards “Dancing Queens on the Road” Lee Hyori, but deleted the post due to unexpected interest.

On June 11th, Kim Do Hoon uploaded a post about Lee Hyori, who is appearing on tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

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Kim Do Hoon pointed out, “I feel sorry for Lee Hyori these days. I don’t know why she’s only been doing those ‘begging-for-the-past’ variety shows with Kim Tae Ho for years. The more she does that, the more she feels like a star of the past who struggles because she doesn’t want to be forgotten.”

Since her 6th full-length album “BLACK” (2017), Lee Hyori has only released OSTs for entertainment programs and songs for projects.

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Kim Do Hoon said it is regrettable as Lee Hyori is an artist with sufficient competence and influence to release contemporary albums. He claimed, “Even if she can’t regain the popularity in her heyday, she should refer to the path of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez, who constantly update their music and release albums.”

Critic Kim Do Hoon’s post spread on various communities, and netizens argued.

Some netizens sympathized with critic Kim Do Hoon’s thoughts, while some expressed opinions such as “Why is Lee Hyori participating in variety shows a problem?” and “He should have criticized the current entertainment market, not Lee Hyori“…


Critic Kim Do Hoon then deleted the post. He expressed his feelings by leaving messages such as “Ah XXX, you spread it and published it (as articles). What should I do?” and “Ah, I’m going crazy, really.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is appearing on tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road” with Uhm Jung Hwa, BoA, Hwasa and Kim Wan Sun. “Dancing Queens on the Road” is a program of nationwide concert tour with the nation’s top female artists traveling around the country, meeting various fans and having fun together. It airs every Thursday at 10:30 PM.

Source: Nate

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