K-pop Idols Rocking Peach Fuzz Hair Even Before Pantone Made it Color of the Year 2024

Peach fuzz, the color of 2024 as announced by Pantone, is expected to be the next trendy hair color 

2024’s color is officially Peach Fuzz – a warm blend of peach and orange. Peach Fuzz is predicted to be the go-to hair color for next summer’s trendy looks. 

Let’s take a look at gorgeous photos of K-pop idols rocking the peach fuzz hair color even before it became color of the year.



Like blonde, fans are convinced peach fuzz hair has elevated Rosé’s visuals. Rosé with a bright hair shade never fails to make fans fall in love.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin has tried countless vibrant hair colors. With peach fuzz, coupled with his fair skin, created iconic Jimin’s looks that fans can’t get enough of.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


Taeyeon, 16 years into her debut, has tried pretty much every hair color. Her peach fuzz look is a total fan-favorite and suits Taeyeon perfectly. 

TWICE’s Sana


Sana created much buzz during TWICE’s “Feel Special” era with her peach fuzz hair. Fans all agree that this lively shade perfectly complements Sana’s radiant aura.  

Red Velvet’s Yeri


Yeri’s peach fuzz hair is considered one of her absolute best looks. Many fans want Yeri to dye her hair this color more often because it’s just the perfect match for her features and skin tone.

(G)-IDLE’s Yuqi 


Yuqi once tried a slightly darker version of peach fuzz. Paired with soft curls, this Yuqi’s look became a hit among fans. 

NCT Dream’s Jaemin


Jaemin loves to try out colorful hair colors. And fans consider his peach fuzz look straight-up legendary. Just check out the lively discussions under “Peach hair Jaemin” on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: K14

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