BIG BANG’s ‘Still Life’ music video filming set revealed for the first time by a member

Dae-sung unveiled the filming set of the music video for BIG BANG’s new song “Still Life”.

On April 11th, Dae-sung’s Youtube channel “D’splay” uploaded a video titled, “Revealed for the first time. I went to the filming set of BIG BANG’s music video. ‘Still Life’ music video filming”.

In the video, Dae-sung was being styled for the music video of BIG BANG’s new song “Still Life”. He looked really excited to shoot a music video after such a long time.

While moving to the set, he said, “This is the music video set. I got permission to film it in advance”, adding, “There is no video of other members except Dae-sung because I didn’t get permission to film them”.


Before the filming, Dae-sung bragged about the coffee trucks and snacks prepared by his fans, “It’s a long shoot but he can cheer up with fans’ consideration”. Later, as the filming continued, Dae-sung showed off his professional appearance, which is unlike his playful daily look, as soon as he began recording the music video seriously.

Meanwhile, Dae-sung greeted the public and fans after a long time through BIG BANG’s new song “Still Life” on April 5th. This song has been well-loved as it has topped all major domestic music sites ever since its release.

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