K-netizens Discuss Why Celebrities Go To Beauty Salons, “Is It A Different Person?”

Korean netizens are amazed at how beauty salons can change a person’s appearance

On November 7, a post was made on the Korean online community theqoo with the title, “The reason celebrities go to beauty salons.”

The post include a gif from a video of host/TV personality Jang Sung-kyu. In the gif, the celebrity received beauty makeover from a professional Korean beauty salon, which completely changed his appearance.


In the comment section, netizens show their amazement at the big before-after difference.

Original post: theqoo

Some of the comments include,

“LOL, did they get rid of his puffiness? His face suddenly got smaller.”

“Is it a different person? How can it be???”

“A normal person can also change this much if going to a beauty salon. It makes me feel the greatness of makeup, hairstyles and clothes.”

“Look at the difference of his double chin LOL.”

“LOL The before is so LOL”

After only two hours, the original post has gathered approximately 50,000 views.

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