Fans’ Reactions to Karina (aespa) and Actor Lee Jae Wook’s Dating News

The dating news between Karina (aespa) and actor Lee Jae Wook has sent social media into a frenzy

On the morning of February 27, Dispatch unexpectedly revealed the identity of a famous couple who are currently in a developing relationship. Accordingly, Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook’s dating photos were leaked. Dispatch believes that the two spent time getting to know each other at the front row of the Prada show on January 14 in Italy. Despite aespa’s promotional schedule and Lee Jae Wook’s filming commitments being hectic, the two stars still made time for each other in both Seoul and Milan. Lee Jae Wook often frequented the area around the SM dormitory where Karina resides with her group to meet his girlfriend.


Not long after that, both SM and Lee Jae Wook’s management company confirmed that the two stars are indeed getting to know each other. This information immediately caused a stir on social media.

With top-tier visuals of her generation, Karina has a large fan base, not only among men but also among girls who are crazy about her girl crush vibe. When news of their dating broke, fans couldn’t help but gasp at the identity of the young man. It turns out that it’s not the leader of BTS, but rather a newly emerging male lead who fans widely know through “Alchemy of Souls.” This information coincides with the rumor of a 4th generation idol-actor couple at the beginning of this year. Dispatch didn’t release the new couple as usual on January 1, but waited until now, there must be a reason behind it.

Dispatch unveiled the dating news amidst public opposition. Faced with shocking news, the reactions of Karina’s fansites receives attention. One fan page named “Karina’s Wife” immediately changed its name to “not Karina’s wife” as a subtle gesture of support even if the idol is dating. In addition, Karina’s fashion update account still diligently updates the dating outfits that Dispatch released despite “heartbreaking.” The humorous reactions of famous fanpages made netizens burst into laughter. Through this, it can be seen that a portion of fans are quite accepting and positive about Karina dating.

karina-fan account twt
One fan page named “Karina’s Wife” changed its name to “not Karina’s wife”.
aespa karina
They still showed great support for Karina
Karina’s fashion update account still diligently updates the dating outfits despite “heartbreaking.”

Source: k14

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