BTS’s Jungkook was more nervous about meeting the national football team than the World Cup opening ceremony

Jungkook expressed his feelings about participating in the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

On November 20th (local time), BTS’s Jungkook appeared on the stage of the opening ceremony held at Albaite Stadium in Alcor, Qatar, and sang the official theme song for this World Cup, “Dreamers”.

bts jungkook fifa world cup

On this day, Jungkook appeared as the headliner of the opening ceremony. He sang live and danced with the dancers. His performance caught the attention of people around the world. Fahad Al Kubaisi, who is loved as the “national singer” of Qatar, joined Jungkook on stage. 

After the opening ceremony, Jungkook communicated with fans through a live broadcast on Weverse, a fan community platform. Jungkook turned on the camera while still wearing his stage outfit. He told various behind-the-scenes stories about the opening ceremony.

bts jungkook fifa world cup

Jungkook said, “When I got off the plane after 10 hours, I was able to work right away according to the time difference in Qatar. I wonder if it would seem like I just came and played because it was a hot topic that I went around here and there. I continued to practice and prepare for the stage by myself. I can’t be completely satisfied with the stage, but I’m glad it ended without a big mistake.”

bts jungkook

Regarding the choreography for the opening ceremony, Jungkook said, “I learned the choreography after arriving here. The final choreography I did with the dancers was something I picked up while watching the video and added my own color to it.”

bts jungkook fifa world cup

Jungkook also talked about meeting with the Korean national soccer team. Previously, on November 19th, the day before the opening ceremony, Jungkook visited the training center to show his support. He met with coach Paulo Bento and captain Son Heung Min and other players. Jungkook received a national team uniform as a gift and took a photo with the players.

bts jungkook

Jungkook said, “Because of the time difference, when I woke up, all the pictures were published. Actually, I was more nervous about meeting the national team than the opening ceremony stage. When I met the players in person, they were all so charismatic.”

Source: Nate.

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