Nam Joo Hyuk reportedly passed the interview to serve in the Military Police Force and will enlist on March 20th

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk will fulfill his military service as a police officer.

In a telephone interview with Dispatch on January 31st, Management SOOP official said, “Nam Joo Hyuk was accepted to the Military Police Force’s riot squad today”.

Nam Joo Hyuk applied for his enlistment in the Capital Defense Command’s Military Police Force on January 5th and attended the interview. Today, he received the final notice of acceptance to the police force. The actor is expected to enlist in the military in March.

Nam Joo Hyuk

First, Nam Joo Hyuk will receive basic military training for 5 weeks at an army training center. Afterwards, the actor will be moved to the police force based on his level after completing education at the general administrative institute. The place where Nam Joo Hyuk enlists has not been confirmed yet.

Nam Joo Hyuk finished filming Disney+’s original series “Vigilante” last month. He will be taking a break and preparing himself until his enlistment.

Source: Nate

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