BTS Jungkook Personally Confirms Military Enlistment this December

BTS’s Jungkook pens a heartfelt Weverse post to ARMYs, confirming December military enlistment

In the long text posted on the fan community Weverse on November 22, BTS’s Jungkook expressed both the heaviness and warmth in his heart as he revealed to the fans his upcoming military enlistment.

Jungkook wrote, “It feels like it was just the beginning of November, and now we’re already at the end. The wind is getting colder, isn’t it?

Since everyone already knows about it, I wanted to write this short letter to you.

In the upcoming December, I will embark on a new journey. I will temporarily part ways with you to fulfill my military duty.

As I announce this news, my heart feels both heavy and warm. Heavy because of the weight of the decision, but warm when I recall the precious memories with ARMYs.

Every moment, every experience with you from the past until now has been the brightest time in my life. Your smiles, support, and love have brought me to this point.

Thank you so much for supporting my dreams and silently walking alongside me.

I will be careful not to ask you to blindly wait for me during my military service. One year and six months is a long period. Therefore, I won’t selfishly make such a request. But when I return, I promise to stand on the stage in a more mature image.

bts jungkook

At the same time, I hope the lives of ARMYs are always filled with laughter and happiness.

I wish for the health and beauty of ARMYs in their daily lives. I will miss you while waiting for the day we can meet again and share new stories.

Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

I love you.”

Source: Weverse

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