Kim Tae-hee Surprised by Shin Hye-sun’s Towering Height: ‘Feels Like Talking to a Male Actor’

On January 24th, a making-of video was released through the channel of JTBC’s drama ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’.

Shin Hye-sun approached Kim Tae-hee and expressed her intense fan admiration, “You’re an angel! You’re like an angel,” and Kim Tae-hee was surprised by Shin Hye-sun’s height, exclaiming, “Wow. Why is your height so tall, really?” 

kim tae hee

Shin Hye-sun’s height is 172cm, much taller than Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Tae-hee, surprised again, said, “It feels like I’m talking to a male actor,” and Shin Hye-sun, bursting into laughter, jokingly said, “Next time, let’s film a melodrama together…”

kim tae hee

When Shin Hye-sun received a hot pack from Kim Tae-hee, she proudly told the staff, “It’s from sunbaenim,” and the two of them finished their pleasant encounter by taking a photo together.

Source: daum

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