ADOR Accused of Mistreating a NewJeans Member, What’s The Truth?

Some fans of a NewJeans member are accusing ADOR of mistreating their bias, causing intense debate.

Since their debut, NewJeans has been known as a girl group with a balanced lineup, where all 5 members complement each other, creating a perfect combination and leading trends with catchy music and a fresh Y2K image. 

As a result, it is rare for NewJeans members to overshadow one another, especially with the group’s consistent concept and intricate yet harmonious individual styling. However, some fans still accused ADOR of “mistreating” one NewJeans member. 

In particular, a Chinese fanbase of Minji recently provided “evidence” that Minji is “mistreated” and receive less attention than the other four members. They even went as far as to send emails, a letter of demand, and a protest truck to ADOR.

According to this fanbase, at the recent 2023 MMA, Minji and Hyein were the only two members without a solo stage, despite the girl group performing 6 songs. 

newjeans minji
Minji did not have a solo stage at the 2023 MMA despite NewJeans performing 6 songs. 

The fanbase also published various images comparing the makeup layout, hairstyles, and outfits of NewJeans members, claiming that Minji always receive the least attention. According to them, NewJeans is a group that frequently experiments with unique makeup styles, with detailed and sparkling eye makeup in various colors. However, Minji is the only member who  consistently maintains basic makeup. 

In addition, in stages and promotional photoshoots, Minji sticks to long and straight black hair, while the other four members continuously change hair colors and styles.

Some fans even claim that Haerin and Hanni receive “special treatment” compared to the rest of the group. According to them, Hanni receives a lot of singing lines and appears prominently in music videos and photoshoots. Meanwhile, Haerin’s visual is the public’s “pick”, so she constantly appears on hot topics and receives a lot of attention regarding her styling. 

As a result, they believe that despite being known for her visuals, Minji is often left in the background due to ADOR ignoring her.

newjeans haerin
Haerin is the public’s pick in terms of visuals.

This topic has caused intense debate within the fan community. While some agree, the majority believes that accusing ADOR of “mistreating” Minji is reaching too far. 

In terms of personal resources, Minji has worked with luxury brands like Chanel and consistently appeared on magazine covers despite only debuting for just over a year. In addition, Minji had a solo stage at the 2022 MAMA, and her commitment to long and straight black hair is likely because it suits her image, these people claimed.

newjeans minji
Minji’s long and straight black hair suits the female idol’s image

Source: K14

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