Fanbase of NewJeans’ Minji Sends Protest Truck to ADOR

A chinese fanbase of NewJeans’ Minji have voiced their disagreements with ADOR via a protest truck

On December 6, a protest truck appeared in front of HYBE’s building, this time addressed to NewJeans’ agency, ADOR. The truck was sent by a Chinese fanbase of NewJeans’ Minji, in an attempt to demand ADOR to respond to their email, as well as provide better treatment and protection for Minji.

In particular, the LED screen on the protest truck reads, “ADOR, please take a look at the emails filled with Minji’s fans’ anxious feelings and earnest hearts! Please treat Minji, NewJeans’ oldest child, well! Please give Minji many opportunities to express her own charm, voice, and performance. ADOR, please protect Minji well and respond to malicious comments about celebrities.”

Additionally, Minji’s Chinese fanbase also issued a statement, which claims that Minji deserves more lines and more center position during choreography, alongside different styles in hair and makeup instead of her constant straight black hair and nude layout. 

“Screen time needs to be fairly and properly distributed. Minji also deserves to shine on stage”, the fanbase also stated, before mentioning that Minji had the least screen time in NewJeans’ performances at the TMA and MMA. 

So far, ADOR has not responded to demands made by the Chinese fanbase. 

Source: Weibo, X

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