Cha Seung Won: A gentleman in his 50s with a “turbulent” past

Even after turning 50s, Cha Seung-won is still one of the top stars in the film industry. Let’s take a look at the life of the gentleman icon of the Korean entertainment industry.

At the present time, it is difficult for any Korean actor to surpass Cha Seung Won‘s title of the best “uncle” on the screen. Although Cha Seung Won has turned 51 this year, it seems that this gentleman still makes many juniors respect because of his elegance, experience and top-notch career. Currently, his new work One Ordinary Day is being broadcast. Let’s take this opportunity to learn about his career and personal life!

Cha Seung Won life story

Consisting of 8 episodes, One Ordinary Day delves into the criminal justice system through the story of two men who are embroiled in the murder of a woman. It premiered on Coupang Play on November 27, 2021.

The journey to become a symbol of Korean film industry

Perhaps no one can deny actor Cha Seung Won‘s influence even though he is 50 now. “Gentleman” is the word that fans most frequently use to call this “uncle”.

Cha Seung Won life story
Cha Seung Won life story

Right from the age of 17, Cha Seung Won had a starting point as a fashion model thanks to his 1m88 body and handsome face. However, his passion for acting motivated him to give up his education at Sungkyunkwan University although it is one of the top schools in Korea.

Seung Won became an entertainment star thanks to his roles in Jail Breakers, Kick the Moon, My Teacher, Mr. Kim and Ghost House. After that, he confirmed his ability to transform through Blood Rain and My Son.

Cha Seung Won life story

Cha Seung Won is also famous for dramas such as City Hall, Bodyguard and The Greatest Love. It was not until 2011 that his role in the romantic comedy-drama The Greatest Love made Cha Seung Won become a top star and huge phenomenon in Korean pop culture. Numerous commercial contracts as well as film awards have also been given to him since then.

Cha Seung Won life story
Cha Seung Won life story

His marriage with a wealthy woman who is 4 years older than him

Cha Seung Won was a rare case in the Korean entertainment industry. After getting caught telling a lie about his private life, Cha Seung Won was not criticized but received more support from the public.

In 1999, Cha Seung Won’s secret marriage was revealed for the first time through an essay book written by his wife – Lee Soo Jin.

Cha Seung Won life story
Lee Soo Jin was born in a rich family, and she also led her own wealthy life
Cha Seung Won life story

Rising to stardom early, Cha Seung Won faced many difficulties persuading his parents before being able to get married to Lee Soo Jin, the lover who is 4 years older than him. Not long after their marriage, the couple’s first son was born when Cha Seung Won was only 19.

Spending more than 22 years raising his stepchild

In 2003, they continued to welcome their second daughter and lived happily together until Cha Seung Won was involved in a scandal about his private life in 2014. At that time, Cha No Ah had a problem with the use of banned substances and was related to a female student.

At this time, the actor’s fame was at its peak thanks to The Greatest Love, he received a series of advertising contracts and film offers.  The son’s incident seriously affected Cha Seung Won‘s image. The public apology to the media sparked a bigger scandal, exposing a lie that lasted more than 20 years of Cha Seung Won and his wife.

Cha Seung Won life story
Cha Seung Won life story

In 2014, a man surnamed Cho claimed himself as Cha No Ah’s biological dad. This person said that Cha Seung Won’s considering Cha No Ah as his biological son made him feel humiliated. Mr. Cho also demanded that Cha – Lee’s family pay him 100 million won ($81,500).

According to that person, he was Lee Soo Jin‘s previous lover, and after breaking up, they had a child together.  In fact, Cha Seung Won has always known about this, but because he loves his wife and wants to protect her honor, Cha Seung Won was forced to lie to the public that he is Cha No Ah‘s biological father.

Cha Seung Won life story
Cha Seung Won life story

At this time, Cha Seung Won admitted that he had lied about his marriage to Lee Soo Jin for more than 22 years. The actor said he registered his marriage in 1992 – 3 years later than the information given in the autobiography.

Because he loved Lee Soo Jin so much, the actor decided to adopt No Ah, considering him as his own son. Thinking that the audience would hurt his wife and children if the truth was revealed, Cha Seung Won asked Lee Soo Jin to lie about the time of the wedding as well as the timelines in their love story.

Cha Seung Won life story

The actor once confided that he entered the acting profession simply for the sake of his family: “I do this profession (acting), I make money for the life of my dear family. My goal in life is not success or popularity.  Of course, I want to be more successful than others, because success will help me bring the best to the people I love.”

The story of Cha Seung Won is a classic example of a man who can make any of us swoon. Despite the obstacles of love and social prejudice, he is still willing to cover and protect the lives of his wife and children. 

Meanwhile, Cha Seung Won is currently starring alongside Kim Soo Hyun in the drama One Ordinary Day.

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