Louis Vuitton’s daughter-in-law, Lee Jung Jae, BLACKPINK Rosé Gather at a Launch Party, Photos Create Buzz

Star-studded photos from a fashion brand’s launch party have garnered attention.

Geraldine Gouyou, the second daughter-in-law of Bernard Arnault, the chairman of LVMH Group, a renowned fashion brand, posted photos taken in Korea on July 12th. The background of the photos showed a hanok (traditional Korean house) window, which was none other than Hotel Shilla.

In the photos shared by Gouyou, CEO and chief executive Lee Boo Jin of Hotel Shilla exudes an elegant atmosphere in a black sheer dress with her hair tied up. Gouyou, wearing a silk robe with green floral patterns, smiles and poses affectionately with CEO Lee.

Geraldine Kiyo

In addition, the photos also capture the appearances of famous stars such as actor Lee Jung Jae, who gained international fame through the hit series “Squid Game,” and BLACKPINK’s Rosé, attracting attention.

Furthermore, the appearances of famous stars such as actor Lee Jung Jae, who gained international fame through the series “Squid Game,” and BLACKPINK’s Rosé, also attract attention.

Gouyou recently visited Korea to commemorate her fashion brand, DESTEREE, opening at Hyundai Department Store’s Trade Center branch in Gangnam, Seoul. The released photos seem to be from the launch party.


Gouyou expressed her immense joy in finally coming to Korea, a country that has always been a respected trend-setting hub. She mentioned that in just two years, Korea has become one of the three major markets and is paving the way for the first store in Seoul. She conveyed her gratitude by saying, “Seoul, thank you for embracing me with open arms. This is just the beginning!”

lee jung jae

On another note, Gouyou made headlines by holding a wedding ceremony with Alexandre Arnault, the second son of Louis Vuitton’s chairman, Bernard Arnault, in October 2021. Alexandre, famous in the fashion industry as the product and communication vice president of Tiffany & Co., attracted significant attention with the meeting of famous fashion celebrities.

The wedding ceremony was attended by pop star Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and tennis star Roger Federer, among others.

Source: Nate.

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