Choi Jun-hee showed how much she takes after her mother, Choi Jin-sil, by following her poses 

Choi Jun-hee, the daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, drew attention with her appearance which reminded people of her mother. 

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on the night of Mar 11th, aired an interview with Choi Jun-hee.

Choi Jun-hee

On this day, Choi Jun-hee saw photos of his mother, the late Choi Jin-sil, and copied her poses. Choi Joon-hee said after seeing her mother’s photos, “My mom often took photos like this. She raised her eyes chicly and made them look a little dreamy,” she said, showing a professional side.

Choi Jun-hee

She then continued, “My mom is cheerful, you know. She always swept her hair up her temples like this,” boasting her unique genes.

Choi Jun-hee

Choi Joon-hee recently drew attention by signing an exclusive contract with a management agency and challenging an acting career. She said, “You may think I’m pursuing acting to follow my mother’s footsteps, but I’m not sure about me yet. I’m only 20 years old now, so there’s still so much I want to do,” she said.

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