Lee Hyo-ri Recalls Karaoke Controversy 3 Years Ago “I’m Sorry, Yoona”

Lee Hyori brought attention back to the karaoke controversy involving herself and SNSD Yoona that occurred 3 years ago

On Oct 12th, Lee Hyori held a comeback live broadcast to celebrate the release of her new song “HOODIE E BANBAJI”. While interacting with fans, Lee Hyori wittily said, “I stopped doing live broadcasts after the karaoke incident, but I’m back now.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori smilingly mentioned, “You remember the karaoke incident, right? Yoona, I’m sorry. I apologize once again.”

Previously, in July 2020, Lee Hyori and Yoona conducted a live broadcast at a karaoke in Apgujeong, Seoul. Netizens criticized their action, stating that it was inappropriate to visit a karaoke, where the risk of infection was high, as the COVID-19 pandemic was resurging.

Yoona said “I wore a mask” and Lee Hyori quickly turned around to put on her mask, but as criticism continued, they ended the broadcast. Later, in response to ongoing criticism, Lee Hyori apologized, “I deeply regret the action that is not suitable for the current situation. Lately, I’ve been a bit too excited. I apologize to Yoona as well. I will be more careful and considerate in the future.

Lee Hyori

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori released “HOODIE E BANBAJI” through various music sites at 6 PM on Oct 12th. This marks Lee Hyori’s first new song in about 6 years, following her full album “Black” in July 2017.

“HOODIE E BANBAJI” encapsulates Lee Hyori’s confident charm in choosing her own path rather than following others’ standards. Hip-hop artist Hangzoo participated in writing lyrics, composing and producing.

Source: Nate

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