K-netizens Comment On LE SSERAFIM’s Animated Characters Being Accused Of Copying NewJeans

People are comparing 4th-generation representative girl groups LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans again

Recently, a netizen on Nate Pann compared LE SSERAFIM’s animated characters in the newly updated poster on Weverse and NewJeans’s characters, claiming that LE SSERAFIM imitated NewJeans.

In response, other netizens commented:

– Those DC Gallery people are talking nonsense about 4th-generation girl groups again (Don’t give them attention)

– But it’s a collaboration with Overwatch;

– I can verify myself as a Bunny here. Please stop trying to create fanwars between fandoms, DC Gallery people. Stop coming between NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM and IVE

– During their debut days, LE SSERAFIM wore similar clothes to those in IVE’s debut trailer. They suddenly took photos with the cupid concept during IVE’s Love Dive promotion. They recently copied Rosalia and now NewJeans… They just follow everything that is viral without having their own identity

– People are only gossiping about NewJeans, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM here. The three groups are all amazing

– Go away and stop talking nonsense… Both NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM are definitely doing better than your favs

Source: Nate Pann

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