K-drama miniseries with highest viewership ratings in the first half of 2022 

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Business Proposal” were both surpassed by one new series 

The first half of 2022 is a hectic time for K-drama lovers, seeing that it’s already filled with well-written and extremely successful series. In particular, there have already been 7 miniseries that crossed 10% in viewership ratings, including both cable dramas and those aired on public channels. 

Top 7: Military Prosecutor Doberman (tvN) – 10.081%

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Doberman” was a total darkhorse in the 2022 K-drama race, seeing that the finale of this series reported a rating as impressive as 10%. Despite starting with only 5%, the series’ exciting storyline and packed plot helped its viewership double over time. 

A Business Proposal ratings

In fact, this is an extremely impressive achievement, seeing that “Military Prosecutor Doberman” was up against the highly popular “Business Proposal”. For Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah, who star as the male and female lead of the show, this achievement is something to cheer over.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Top 6: Show Window: The Queen’s House (Channel A) – 10.335%

Show Window

The final episode of “Show Window: The Queen’s House” performed so excellently this series became the most popular K-drama in the history of channel A. Despite starting with a rating as low as 2%, then dropping to a meager 1%, Song Yoon Ah and Jeon So Min’s project became more and more interesting over time, thus earning ratings with double digits as it ended. 

show window

It seems that small channels are producing works just as popular as large broadcasting stations, and after Lee Yu Ri, Song Yoon Ah and Jeon So Min have become the new “saviors” or Channel A. 

Top 5: Love (ft. Marriage And Divorce) Season 3 (TV Chosun) – 10.395%

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)

While the 3rd installment of “Love (ft. Marriage And Divorce)” fell far behind season 2, which peaked at 16.582%, it still achieved a notable viewership that surpassed the 10.395% mark. However, this falling rating is evidence that the 3rd season was too nonsensical and dragging, similar to what happened in “Penthouse” in 2021. 

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)

The question remains if “Love (ft. Marriage And Divorce)” will get a 4th season, but for now, chances are high. Hopefully, the series will redeem itself should season 4 happen. 

Top 4: Twenty Five, Twenty One (tvN) – 11.513%

Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One” is undoubtedly one of the most watched dramas within the first six months of 2022. Not only does it record double-digit ratings domestically, the coming-of-age drama led by Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk also generates much buzz in the international market. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

Top 3: A Business Proposal (SBS) – 11.6%

A Business Proposal

When the webtoon-to-drama adaptation of “A Business Proposal” was announced, many viewers doubted the drama would do well because they worried the story would be cringey and outdated. However, thanks to the fun plot, eye-candy visuals, and excellent chemistry of the cast, “A Business Proposal” became a hit both in Korea and globally. 

business proposal

Top 2: Again My Life (SBS) – 12%

Again My Life

SBS has once again proven its position as it has 2 representatives in the Top 3. Thanks to the interesting storyline and Lee Jun Ki’s top-notch acting skills, Again My Life is one of the two weekend dramas with the highest ratings this year.

Again My Life

Top 1: Our Blues (tvN) – 14.597%

Our Blues

Finally, Our Blues has ended with a worthy rating for its All Stars cast. The first 19 episodes of Our Blues did not achieve impressive ratings, but the last episode made a spectacular breakthrough, helping this drama hit the rating peak of 14.597%. Thanks to this achievement, Our Blues becomes the best Korean drama in the first half of 2022

K-drama miniseries with highest viewership ratings
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