With only two posts, BTS’s Jimin generated nearly 17 million USD for Dior during PFW 

Less than a month after being appointed as Dior’s global ambassador, BTS’s Jimin has boasted his huge influence that benefits the brand immensely. 

Brand marketing platform Lefty recently released an EMV ranking of influencers who attended the 2023 Paris Fashion Week. Accordingly, with just two posts on Instagram, BTS’s Jimin generated an EMV (Earned Media Value) of $16.7 million for Dior, accounting for 54% of Dior’s total EMV at Paris Fashion Week. Jimin’s EMV index is noticeably higher than that of other celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rosalia, Jeonghan, etc.

Previously, Dior’s stock value reportedly reached its highest level right after the brand announced Jimin as their latest global ambassador. After the announcement was released on January 16, Dior’s stock price increased to 775.5 euros.  By January 18, it reached 789 euros. This is arguably Dior’s highest valuation in 31 years of Dior’s history. 

BTS Jimin Dior

Lefty revealed that BTS’s engagement as a group (4.62%) is twice as high as that of other celebrities (about 2-2.5%). “When any BTS member is tagged on social media, the posts are immediately flooded with fans’ comments and engagements,” said Lefty.

Experts also praised K-pop idols and their impact during Paris Fashion Week, saying that idols have phenomenal power to turn potential customers to actual buyers. 


Of the top 10 influencers at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, four are from the K-pop industry, as reported by Lefty.

The Washington Post reported that Korean stars dominated Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2023 with thousands of fans gathering at the magnificent Place de la Concorde to see their idols in person and cheer for them.

Source: zing

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