K-Drama Impressive Youthful Transformation: 41-Year-Old Actress Plays a Twenty-Year-Old

This actress impresses by transforming into a twenty-year-old despite being in her 40s. 

Lee El, a 41-year-old actress, has captivated viewers with her remarkable portrayal of a twenty-year-old in ENA’s ongoing drama “Battle for Happiness”. 

In episode 6 of “Battle for Happiness,” Lee El’s character Mi Ho takes a nostalgic trip back to her college days. The transformation is striking, as Mi Ho sheds her cool, distant aura and reveals a vibrant and hopeful side of herself that had long been suppressed.

lee el

Lee El’s acting skills and her ability to lead the narrative are impressive. One particular scene stands out. Lee El herself personally portrays Mi Ho in her twenties, while her high school self is played by a younger actress. This adds an extra layer of authenticity to the drama, creating a seamless transition between past and present.

lee el

This episode sheds light on the origins of Mi Ho’s aloofness and her relationship with her childhood friend Yu Jin. As a child, Mi Ho endured the bitterness of being treated unfairly by her mother, causing her to grow distant and even cold towards those around her. 

lee el

Although the flashback scene lasted only a few minutes, Lee El’s portrayal of Mi Ho in her college days left a mark on viewers. Lee El effortlessly showcased a youthful radiance, enchanting viewers with her timeless beauty. 

Lee El’s portrayal captured the essence of a young woman full of enthusiasm for life, yet to be hardened by the challenges later on in her life.

lee el

The latest episode of “Battle for Happiness” achieved a nationwide rating milestone of 2.1%. This accomplishment marks the highest rating for the film thus far.

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