Jung Woo-sung Told Story About Lee Jung-jae, Shin Dong-yeop “Is That Why You Are Involved In Gay Rumors?”

Jung Woo-sung shared the secret to maintain his friendship with Lee Jung-jae for 25 years

Jung Woo-sung and Hwang Jung-min appeared as guests on a video of Shin Dong-yeop’s channel “zzanbro” on November 16th.

In this video, Shin Dong-yeop asked Jung Woo-sung, “Lee Jung-jae made a hit with ‘Squid Game’. Tell me what you haven’t done anywhere else with a related story.

jung woo -sung

In response, assistant MC Jung Ho-chul recalled Jung Woo-sung receiving the director’s award for Lee Jung-jae at the premiere of the Blue Dragon Film Awards. He mentioned, “He really used honorifics on the phone to talk to the other.” In response, Shin Dong-yeop said, “Isn’t it only in front of the cameras? If it turns off, you will talk informally.”

In response, Jung Woo-sung added, “We usually use honorifics to talk each other, and we also use honorifics to text each other. “We don’t have expectations for each other and only respect each other,” he said, explaining the secret of their 25 year relationship.

jung woo -sung

“If the two of us drink together for five hours, the conversation would be less than 10 minutes,” he shared. “We drink and look at each other and only say ‘Shall we have another drink?'”

In response, Shin Dong-yeop smiled, saying, “That’s why you got such rumors.” In the past, the two were nicknamed Cheongdam couple because they were so close, and rumors of a gay relationship between them circulated. Lee Jung-jae even appeared on “Healing Camp” in 2013 and explained this himself, saying, “I’ve never been serious about such a story. He is just a friend who understands what I think even without saying á word.”

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