Netflix left a funny yet sad (?) comment on Jung Hae-in’s post after confirming “D.P. season 2”

Netflix left a sensible comment below a post of Jung Hae-in, who is about to appear in “D.P. season 2”.

On Dec 13, actor Jung Hae-in uploaded a photo on his Instagram without any captions. In the photo, he is showing off his warm appearance in a white sweatshirt. In particular, he stole fans’ hearts with his puppy-like smile and intense eyes.

Jung Hae-in D.P. season 2

Netflix drew attention by commenting below the post, “Let’s enlist now.” On Dec 14, Netflix announced season 2 of the drama “D.P.” starring Jung Hae-in and actor Koo Kyo-hwan.

Netizens also responded enthusiastically with various comments such as “D.P. season 2 fighting”, “Let’s stay in the army permanently”…

Jung Hae-in D.P. season 2
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