Kim Woo-bin’s warm words “Let’s take a picture together” 

Let’s take a picture together.

Kim Woo-bin, whom we met through an interview for “Alienoid“, stood up first, saying this by the time reporters, who had been talking about the movie with him for over an hour, rose from their seats. It is quite unusual for a famous actor to come forward and pose before receiving a special request.

After being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, Kim Woo-bin endured a six-year hiatus while observing his health’s development. At the end of his words that he valued people around him more after getting sick, his strong attachment to life, which only those who went through “major events” can have, appeared. On July 18th, we met him at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Kim Woo-bin said, “Last Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of my treatment, so I had a regular checkup. I heard from the professor that I’m healthier than before.”

“People I met on the street felt sorry for me and asked if I was okay. I think I gained such strength and recovered quickly. Even at the hospital, people said that it was surprising. The public’s support came out as a result of treatment. I don’t want to forget that feeling, so I pray every day for more miracles to happen.”

While recovering, Kim Woo-bin received a proposal for a new film by director Choi Dong-hoon. This is the beginning of his relationship with the SF movie “Alienoid”, which was released on July 20th. In this work, he played the role of Guard, a supernatural being who manages and escorts alien prisoners. He acted performing his duties while imagining “Thunder”, the robotic colleague which would be implemented by CG technology in the post-production process.

He had initially confirmed his appearance in Choi Dong-hoon’s other new film “Do-cheong”, but had to stop working due to poor health.

If I go back to the film industry, I decided that the first thing I would do is reviewing director Choi’s scenario. If the director needs me, I would take on any role.”

He recalled that there were many unfamiliar things about the filming set where he returned with “Alienoid” after a long time. This is because there were many scenes that they had to act out while imagining CGs due to the nature of fantasy works with aliens and spaceships appearing and going back and forth.

When he saw the new look of the filming set where the equipment was remotely tuned and the lighting was controlled with digital pads, he laughingly said, “The world has changed a lot in the meantime.”

Kim Woo-bin said that he was very excited to be able to return to the filming site, although there were often times when he felt embarrassed to wear full-body tights with sensors from head to toe. 

In the interview that day, Kim Woo-bin talked about his thoughts while taking a break as much as his experiences in the field.

He opened up about his struggles, saying, “I started working at the age of 20, and I felt a lot of pressure at the thought that I was taking on a bigger job than I was capable of. I couldn’t sleep properly everyday. If I had time to sleep for 3 hours while filming a drama, I exercised for 2 hours and slept for an hour. I stayed up all night going through the script to make up for what I lacked. Then, after taking a break, I started having a lot of thoughts.”

These days, Kim Woo-bin is trying to accept his shortcomings as they are. He said, “I told myself, ‘Yeah, you weren’t good enough before’. The more I love myself, the more I love others. Even when I’m acting, I focus more on the other person’s acting.”

Kim Woo-bin said that after “Alienoid”, he wanted to take on a professional role that he had not done before or an extremely realistic role. 

He added that these days, he wants to better feel what is in front of him right now and live in the moment. He said, “I’m not confident that I can live better than I do today.”

Source: nate

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