Jisoo’s First-Ever Solo Offline Fansign Event Set in April

In light of Jisoo’s solo debut announcement, the BLACKPINK member stated that she soon to carry on her first offline fansign

Jisoo, a member of the popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, will have her first offline fansign event on April 1st. The event is in celebration of her debut single album, which has reached a significant milestone of 100,000 pre-orders on Ktown4u.


This album is the first solo K-pop album to achieve such a feat in Ktown4u’s history, achieving the impressive number in just 8 hours after the pre-orders were opened. The numbers are as follows: 40,275 for the BLACK version, 48,521 for the Red version, 8,978 for the KiT, and 8,976 for the Vinyl version, making a total of 106,750 pre-orders.

The fansign event will take place at Time Square Atrium in Yeongdeungpo at 6:30 PM KST. Fans who have purchased the album will have the opportunity to meet Jisoo in person and receive a signed copy of her debut single album.


Jisoo’s solo debut has been highly anticipated by fans around the world, and the success of her album’s pre-orders is a testament to her popularity and talent. With the upcoming fansign event, fans can look forward to seeing Jisoo up close and personal and getting a chance to interact with her in a more intimate setting.

Source: Twitter

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