Song Ji-hyo Signs Exclusive Contract With NEXUS E&M After Leaving Uzurocks

Although Song Ji-hyo has not yet received 900 million won from Uzurocks, she recently found a new agency

On October 13th, NEXUS E&M announced the news of their exclusive contract with Song Ji-hyo. They stated, “Since she is an actress with huge domestic and global influence, we will do our best so that she can happily carry out acting activities in various areas and showcase her charms”, adding “We will also take appropriate measures against malicious acts targeting the actress”.

NEXUS E&M is a subsidiary invested by NEXUS Pharma Co., Ltd as they recruited a former management director from Namoo Actors as CEO to expand into the entertainment business. It is known that Song Ji-hyo signed the exclusive contract based on the trust and bonds between them as Song Ji-hyo has been working as an ambassador for NEXUS Pharma’s cosmetics brand GLUTANEX and the actress’s close relationship with Namoo Actors in the past.

Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji-hyo made her debut in 2003 through the movie “Wishing Stairs”. Since then, she has proved her acting with different images and remained a trustworthy actress after starring in various works, such as “Emergency Couple”, “Ex-Girfriends’ Club”, “Lovely Horribly”, “Was It Love?”, “The Witch’s Diner”, “A Frozen Flower”, “Unstoppable”, “Intruder”, etc.

In addition to her acting, Song Ji-hyo also received much love from global fans with her natural performance in SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”. She is expected to be more active after moving to a new agency.

An official from NEXUS E&M said, “With our global marketing know-how, we will try to boost the artist’s growth beyond Korea. We will become a company that can empower and create good synergy with the artist by designing transparent activities for her.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo had a conflict with her former agency Uzurocks over unpaid settlement. In response, the actress filed a lawsuit against Uzurocks and former CEO Park.

Source: Daum

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