“2.4 billion won building owner” Kwon Eunbi “6 advertisements after Waterbomb, life has its ups and downs”

Former IZ*ONE member-singer Kwon Eunbi mentioned her increased income after "Waterbomb"

On April 17th, a video featuring singer Kwon Eunbi was uploaded on the YouTube channel “645pm”.

In the video, Park Mi-sun asked Kwon Eunbi, “People watching ‘Waterbomb’ were happy to see Eunbi like that. Did you enjoy it too?” Kwon Eunbi replied, “I was so nervous.”

She explained, “As a solo artist, I haven’t done many events. It was my first time attending a big event as a solo artist. So I was so nervous. The act of performing alone in front of a large number of people is… Because I’m not used to it…

kwon eun bi

Kim Ho-young commented, “That’s a really good response. Moving on to another stage, filming a lot of commercials.” Park Mi-sun then directly asked, “How many commercials have you shot?

Kwon Eunbi replied, “Before becoming known through ‘Waterbomb’, I only shot one advertisement, but after ‘Waterbomb’, I shot many advertisements such as chicken, lens, massage machine, filter shower, game and cosmetics.

Park Mi-sun remarked, “Your personal income must have increased a bit.” Kwon Eunbi said with a smile, “Wasn’t there the most at that time?

She continued, “I treated the staff who worked hard with me by buying them the paddings they wanted. Because the range is widening, I definitely feel motivated to work hard.”

Park Mi-sun praised her, “It’s a twist considering your appearance that seems immature and self-centered. Also, it’s a big twist that you don’t drink alcohol at all.”

Kwon Eunbi shared, “I felt it once when I was in IZ*ONE. A person’s life… You don’t know what will happen. Life has its ups and downs.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Eunbi recently made headlines for purchasing a detached house near the cafe street in Songjeong-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul for 2.4 billion won.

The building consists of one basement floor and three above-ground floors, with a land area of 106㎡ and a total floor area of 192.45㎡.

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