K-Netizens React to Top 5 Idol Groups Who Have Donated the Most 

A recent post on the online community Theqoo lists out Top 5 most charitable K-pop idols 

Accordingly, Top 5 idol groups with the highest cumulative amount of donations are: 

5th place: BLACKPINK – Over 150 million won

4th place: EXO – Over 240 million won

3rd place: TWICE – Over 400 million won

2nd place: IU – Over 4.8 billion won

1st place: BTS – Over 11 billion won

Under the post, netizens left comments:

  • IU is amazing on her own.
  • Many celebrities donate anonymously due to taxes, what’s the point of ranking them like this? Just applaud when their charitable actions come to light.
  • They’re all impressive.
  • Didn’t Jang Nara also donate nearly 10 billion won? Oh wait, she’s not an idol.
  • IU is cool.
  • Regardless of the amount, I’m thankful and impressed by everyone who donated, including those mentioned in this post.
  • I love both BTS and IU
  • IU probably donated more than what’s mentioned here. She hasn’t disclosed the exact amount.
  • For BTS, individual donations might not be included?
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