“D.P. 2” heralds more interesting developments that begin with changes in characters after Season 1 incidents

Following the success of Season 1, Netflix’s original series “D.P. 2” is ready to meet viewers with more intense stories.

Season 1 of Netflix’s original series “D.P.” ended with the scenes where ‘deserter’ Private Cho Suk Bong shot himself and Private Kim Ru Ri fired his weapon. What happened to them and how have they been living since then? The story of Season 2, which is scheduled to premiere on July 28th, will begin here.

“D.P.” centers around D.P (Deserter Pursuit) members Ahn Joon Ho (Jung Hae In) and Han Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan) catching those who escape from the military with various stories and facing the reality they didn’t know. As the drama received favorable reviews for its interesting plot, Netflix decided to produce Season 2. The second season will tell about Ahn Joon Ho and Han Ho Yeol facing the unchanging reality and absurdity in the military.


While Season 1 focused on stories of the deserters who chose to run away from the army due to their own reasons and the D.P. soldiers who chase them, Season 2 will highlight how the characters have changed after the series of shocking events in Season 1.

Through the press conference, it was hinted that the story of “D.P. 2” takes place a few months after Cho Suk  Bong (Jo Hyun Chul)’s incident with Ahn Joon Ho living in a sense of helplessness, Han Ho Yeol spending days in the military hospital after losing his voice, Sergeant Park Beom Gu (Kim Sung Kyun) being disciplined and forced to sign a testimony promising that he woud reduce the cases, and Captain Lim Ji Sub (Son Seok Gu) receiving a transfer order.

Jung Hae In

Nothing has changed since the incident of Cho Suk Bong, who deserted the military due to unreasonable harassment. On the contrary, the harassment has become more severe, and unfortunately, his friend Kim Ru Ri (Moon Sang Hoon) fires the gun aiming at the senior soldiers who bully him and escapes from the army. This was shown in the bonus video at the end of Season 1.

Season 2 begins with deserter Kim Ru Ri, and it coldly portrays the choices of D.P. members who felt hopeless due to lethargy, the sense of defeat, disciplinary actions, the unchanged absurd reality in the military, and the cruel decisions of the military leaders.

While Season 1 developed from light stories with a pleasant atmosphere into heavier stories of the irrationalities we were unaware of or turned a blind eye to, Season 2 starts with a serious narrative without a smile. As the story progresses, viewers will be delighted to see the process of each character finding their true selves and their original cheerful sides.

Jung Hae In

New characters, such as Gu Ja Woon (Ji Jin Hee), Seo Eun (Kim Ji Hyun), and Oh Min Woo (Jung Seok Yong), who are people from the Military Headquarters, are expected to increase the tension of the drama by discussing the military system and bringing about daringly provocative materials, such as homosexuality.

Nevertheless, Season 2 won’t lose “D.P.” main theme, which focuses on “human” aspect. Actors Moon Sang Hoon, Bae Na Ra, Im Sung Jae, and Choi Hyun Wook will lead each episode with their amazing acting performances. Another character who left a deep impression in Season 1 will also make a surprise appearance, raising viewers’ excitement for the release of Season 2.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to Season 2, which will unfold stories that are far from fairy tales, portray a realistic narrative that might be painful, and showcase how the characters have changed since Season 1.

Source: Daum

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