BIBI’s “Bam Yang Gang” craze, expectations for Lee Hyori’s cover “All the songs that Lee Hyori covered work out”

Singer BIBI talked about Lee Hyori’s cover of "Bam Yang Gang"

On February 28th, a video featuring BIBI was posted on the W KOREA channel.

In the video, Bibi had time to introduce her cherished things. She made people laugh as she brought out “Bam Yang Gang”, “This time, a yanggang (Red Bean Paste Jelly) company approached me for a collaboration, so the package was born. I brought it to show you. I don’t usually carry yanggang around.”

She shared an anecdote about her song “Bam Yang Gang”, “‘Bam Yang Gang’ is a song created by Jang Kiha. I liked the song so much that I said ‘I want to sing this song’ and Jang Kiha allowed me to do so. I’m glad that many people like it.


BIBI also mentioned Lee Hyori, who recently covered part of “Bam Yang Gang” and posted a cover video, saying, “All the songs that senior Lee Hyori covered work out, so I have some expectations.”

Meanwhile, BIBI’s “Bam Yang Gang” continues to be popular, topping various music sites such as Melon HOT100, Apple Music TOP100, Flo, Vibe and Bugs.

Source: Daum

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