MAMA is still dreaming of being “Korean Grammy” while having a lot of issues?

There must be some reasons for Korean netizens to laugh at the big dream of MAMA’s producers. You don’t believe it? Let’s check this out!

Mnet Asian Music Awards or MAMA is one of the most famous music awards in Asia. At the end of every year, Kpop fans wonder that: “How is MAMA gonna be this year?”, “Which artists will join?” or “What scandals will MAMA have again?”
This year, MAMA’s producers strongly announced that: “We want to acknowledge cultural differences and respect them. If we continue to work together with Asian artists, I think we will end up being the Grammys”.
However, the “impossible” dream of Mnet was laughed at by most of the Kpop fans as they thought that MAMA still had a lot of serious problems which have not been solved since the past until now.
It is for sure that: In every MAMA season, Mnet is always accused of their unfairness in calculation and giving awards.

After MAMA filtered the votes, EXO ranked first in both categories where they were competing with BTS.

Significantly, during their receiving votes from the audience, MAMA announced to close their voting system in 4 hours to filter those cheating votes. The deleted votes of artists were not the same, even millions different votes from each other.
This made many artists who were ranking first in the nomination category drop to lower place. Especially, a lot of fandoms proved their accounts were verified but their valid votes were still deleted.

MAMA arranged the winners to get awards?

Kpop fans already got used to MAMA’s creating a number of awards which are unclear about the purposes as well as criteria so that everyone can win. The most concern is their dividing awards. There were too many unconvincing awards such as Park Jin Young with “The best male artist” award at MAMA 2015 while his votes and music achievements were not as good as Jung Yong Hwa and Kyuhyun.

The controversial award of JYP’s director in 2015

The “The best girl group” of Sistar at MAMA 2014 also made many people angry because there were 2 big names – SNSD came back with “Mr. Mr” and 2NE1 came back with “Come Back Home” – but finally, none of them were the winner.

SISTAR, mama 2017, Mnet, MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, 2017
Sistar surprisingly beat SNSD, 2NE1, A Pink in 2014.

Every year, MAMA’s producers promise to make the awards more equal but finally, nothing changed.
G-Dragon used to “troll” on MAMA right on MAMA stage with his rap: “t’s been a year, MAMA. Because you set such a large table/awards (sang), You hand it out generously so your children don’t fight”.

G-Dragon made MAMA “embarrassed” when he accused them of dividing the awards right on MAMA 2014 stage.
The leader of Big Bang also re-shared this rap on his Instagram which made many people change from doubting to believing that MAMA’s diving awards was true.


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Unprofessional and careless to the artist

You must still remember the issue between Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa at MAMA 2016. Before the event, MAMA published photos of the special stage “See You Again” which would be a combination of the colored rapper with the leader of SNSD. However, at the end, Wiz Khalifa went on the stage alone with Charlie Puth’s recorded singing part, while Taeyeon performed her solo performance with “Rain”.

Wiz Khalifam,Taeyeon , EXO, Mnet, MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, 2017
The controversial issue between Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa at MAMA 2016

Fans were very confused and kept arguing on the social networks just like what Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa were doing and forgot that this was obviously the fault of MAMA’s organizers who were very unprofessional in arranging the performances for two artists.
The issue between EXO and MAMA’s organizer in 2015 even made fans more angry because of their attitude. Significantly, MAMA’s organizer gave Park Jinyoung’s trophy to EXO by mistake. When their fans called to Mnet to ask about this, they received an unacceptable answer from the staff with a very bad attitude.

Mnet staff showed bad attitude after they gave the trophy to EXO by mistake

The staff said: “If EXO got the trophy of JYP, they should have checked after that, then when they got off the stage, we can exchange the trophy for them. This is not our fault completely, maybe they took it by mistake”.
This staff kept blaming on SM’s boy group for not checking the trophy instead of admitting their mistake. If Mnet was really careful in organization, would this unfortunate issue happen?
This has led to the appearance of a big question: “Is MAMA really filtering votes or this is just a trick to assign the winner for each award?

A Music Award which is not highly appreciated by Korean.

It’s funny that Korean people often give bad attitude towards MAMA instead of being excited. The only things that they expect from the show are the artists’ performances.
Artists are expected the most
A big reason is, MAMA is a Korean Music Awards but it is usually held abroad instead of in Korea. The second one is, MAMA always raises arguments and dramas to get the attention from fandoms so that there will be fan wars on social networks.

Korean fans are speechless every time they hear that MAMA is held abroad

In fact, international fans are those who are excited at MAMA the most while Korean fans as well as artists do not appreciate MAMA as much as Golden Disk Awards or Melon Music Awards. MAMA used to have scandals with many big bosses in the entertainment industry and be ignored many times such as SM, YG until they made peace with each other.
From year to year, MAMA is always criticized by the audience. Therefore, instead of dreaming of the “Korean Grammy” title, MAMA’s production board please focus on improving their organization quality.
Hopefully, this year, MAMA will have positive change to reduce its bad reputation in Kpop fans’ community around the world.

Souces: HL-tinnhac, Mnet, Twitter

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