Jessica Jung implied that her sister Krystal had beef with SNSD’s Taeyeon and Sooyoung 

An excerpt from Jessica Jung’s newly released book may have mentioned a feud between Krystal and SNSD’s Taeyeon and Sooyoung.

The former SNSD member Jessica Jung recently published “Bright” – a sequel to her first novel “Shine”. Both of the books follow an American-Korean girl named Rachel, who pursued her dreams to become a Kpop idol. Many details from the book caused controversies, as people believed that Jessica was intentionally defaming her previous group members and SM Entertainment by linking them with characters and actions inside her work. 

Jessica Krystal
After “Shine”, Jessica Jung returned with her second novel that may imply her true relationship with SNSD. 

Now that the second book has hit the shelf, Jessica once again became a topic of discussion for allegedly mentioning a feud between her sister Krystal and two SNSD members. In the novel, the main character Rachel met her younger sister Leah at the backstage of an event. Both were under DB Entertainment, with Rachel debuting with the 9-member group Girls Forever, and Leah in the 5-member group SayGO.


Upon meeting her sister, Leah greeted the rest of Girls Forever. However, two members of the group, called Mina and Lizzie, only stared at Leah with a fake smile. Then, as Rachel and Leah started to leave the scene, the former overheard Mina and Lizzie speaking ill of her sister. They mocked Leah for not bowing and being disrespectful towards their seniors, and according to Rachel, this was a common behavior from Mina and Lizzie. 

Jessica Krystal
Leah, the younger sister in Jessica’s novel, also debuted in a 5-member group like Krystal with f(x).

The novel also stated that this feud between the three characters started after Mina and Lizzie got mad that DB Entertainment debuted Leah early. It also revealed that Lizza had a one-year younger sister who also joined the company but hadn’t signed any contract. 

From the stories, readers can find resemblances between Lizzie and Taeyeon, as well as Mina and Sooyoung. According to them, Taeyeon also has a little sister named Hayeon, who used to train at SM Entertainment, before leaving and debuting as a solo artist under Enter Arts. Meanwhile, Leah is obviously based on KrystalJessica’s younger sister in the same company who also debuted in a 5-member girl group. 

In addition, Leah’s debut story in DB Entertainment seems to take after Krystal’s story as well. Rumor has it that Krystal was scouted by SM Entertainment from a super young age, and their family initially rejected, only letting Jessica train. It was only years later that Krystal entered SM and quickly debuted as a member of f(x). 


Due to the aforementioned similarities, fans are guessing that via her books, Jessica is actually talking about her time with SNSD. However, these are mere assumptions, and at the moment, all related parties still remain silent against these accusations. 

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