Jeon Jong-seo Reveals Relationship with Director Lee Chung-hyun, “No Reason to Hide”

Jeon Jong-seo opened up about her relationship with film director Lee Chung-hyun

On the YouTube channel ‘Psick Univ,’ a new video with Jeon Jong-seo’s guest appearance was released on December 3rd.

When asked about her relationship, Jeon Jong-seo honestly responded, “We started dating a few years ago and never hid it from the beginning. There’s no reason to hide (the fact that we’re dating).”

When questioned about who confessed first, Jeon Jong-seo said, “There was no confession.”

Regarding their dynamic, she shared, “It’s a bit like ‘some’ (uncertain relationship), you can’t say we’re officially dating. It’s like we got married without a proposal.” 

Jeon Jong-seo expressed trust in Lee Chung-hyun, with whom she collaborated on the films ‘Call’ and Netflix’s ‘Ballerina.’ She emphasized their understanding of each other, especially after working on ‘Call.’

Responding to a question about possible arguments during film shootings, she admitted, “We argue a lot. But when filming, there’s no time for disagreements. We’re tired every day on set. However, when we have time off, it’s like any other ordinary couple. We argue a lot.”

Jeon Jong-seo also shared a funny anecdote about Lee Chung-hyun not calling her by her name on set, saying, “He calls me ‘Jong-seo’ at the filming location. If I ask why he doesn’t address me more formally, he says, ‘Do I have to?’ He doesn’t care about adding ‘actor.'”

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