KCON LA audience showed cold reaction to Rain’s performance, “Irresponsible attitude? Or inconsiderate song selection?”

Singer & actor Rain seems to be facing harsh criticism from overseas fans following the controversy over the group Ciipher he produced.

A netizen recently posted an article about Rain’s performance at KCON LA 2023 held in Los Angeles on August 18th ~ 20th (local time). They said, “Local fans showed no reaction to his performance and even turned off their lightsticks”.

At KCON LA, Rain presented the stage of Rainism, one of his hit songs. Despite Rain’s powerful stage, the audience remained silent throughout the whole performance. They neither cheer nor cheer for the performance. Compared to the stages of other artists, the atmosphere during Rain’s performance was clearly silent and dark since many people even turned off their lightsticks.

The audience’s cold response is presumed to be related to the recent controversy over the situation of the boy group Ciipher produced by Rain. 


Earlier, Rain Company announced the reorganization of Ciipher with three members Hyunbin, Hwi and Keita after Tan, Tag, Dohwan and Won withdrew from the group. Making their debut in March 2021, Ciipher was a boy group of seven members but more than half of them left after only two years and five months. Since Keita will debut with the project group Evnne after competing in “Boys Planet”, Ciipher is virtually disbanding.

During the debut days of Ciipher, Rain tried to promote the group in different ways, such as inviting his wife, top actress Kim Tae Hee, to star in Ciipher’s music video and taking the members to appear on various programs. When asked about the amount he invested in producing Ciipher, Rain confessed that he “lost a house”. 

In response, overseas K-pop fans criticized Rain’s attitude towards Ciipher issue, saying “Disbanding a group after 2 years and 5 months? Rain is such an irresponsible producer”, “Ciipher is about to disband but Rain is still performing?”, etc. The criticism seems to have resulted in a “boycott” against Rain’s appearance at KCON LA. 

On the other hand, some expressed another opinion, saying Rain’s selection of the song “Rainism” was thoughtless and inconsiderate, considering the situation on the event day. Some said that “Rainism” reminded them of the first hurricane warning that was issued in California, US on the 18th.

Source: Daum

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