Jang Dong-gun, Koo Hye-sun, and Wonder Girls’ Hyerim: Earning A Bachelor’s Degree Is “Better Late Than Never”

These stars became “late college students.”

On December 10, Koo Hye-sun (39 years old) posted photos of herself in a graduation cap on her social media account, saying, “I got a report that somebody is impersonating me on ‘Everytime,'” adding, “I certify myself. That’s me.”

“Everytime” is an online community for Korean university students. On this app, Koo Hye-sun greeted her classmates ahead of graduation. She said, “Everyone, I’m Aunt Hye-sun, the progenitor bird.” Koo stressed that it is “never too late” to students who are knocking on the door of the job market but are worried that they might be late. “I hope my graduation, as I will soon turn 41 years old, will give you little hope and comfort.”

Koo entered Sungkyunkwan University in 2011. She is finally about to graduate after taking a leave of absence and returning to school.

Actor Jang Dong-gun (51 years old,) the “National Sculpture Handsome Man,” was also a late college student. Back in 2015, Jang entered Seoul Cyber University with a major in culture and arts management.

jang dong gun

Jang Dong-gun previously entered Korea National University of Arts Theater Center in 1994. However, he eventually dropped out after failing to graduate due to the school rule of prohibiting students from doing outside activities. He is said to have obtained a bachelor’s degree at Seoul Cyber University, where he entered to achieve his dream.

Wonder Girls’ Hyerim (31 years old) was known as a model student even though she was a “late college student.” Hyerim entered the Department of Communication at the EICC Department of English Interpretation and Translation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in 2017.


Hyerim said on the entertainment show “Live Talk Show TAXI” in 2017, “I always had thoughts about my studies,” and explained why she became a “late college student.” The singer explained that she couldn’t go to school on time due to her activities in the U.S. with Wonder Girls.

Hyerim reportedly studied so well she even received a scholarship before graduating in August 2021. In particular, in the last semester, she achieved a GPA of 4.3 (out of 4.5) while still doing broadcasting activities.

Hyerim speaks four languages, including Chinese, Cantonese and English, and her hobby is reading and translating books. During her college years, she was even recognized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs through her supporters’ activities at the Ministry.

Source: TV Report

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